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Permanent residence

Drawing up of a permanent residence in one of the foreign countries (European or any other) is complicated procedure, but for the person who has decided to change his place of residence and to move to another country, it is just necessary.

To implement it, you will need to collect a lot of documents, to make a specific set of legally significant actions and to prepare for the most difficult part - the inevitable interview with personnel of government agencies, who will make a decision on granting a permanent residence.

Not to doubt the success of your plans, you should seek the assistance of a reliable and proven over time company whose specialists will provide expert assistance in all three directions.

With their experience in dealing with such kind of problems, we can offer our customers some of the most different ways to obtain a permanent residence:

  • through investment in the economy of the country chosen for permanent residence;
  • by opening a business in the said country;
  • private - in view of special circumstances;
  • for a family reunification, if you have close relatives abroad;
  • method of repatriation - there is a possibility to obtain permanent residence in preferential order if you prove that the applicant has the appropriate ethnic roots.
  • political asylum - if there are reasons to obtain it.

If you wish the permanent residence to be granted as soon as possible you need to meet our expert and he while finding out all the details and particulars of your situation, will propose an optimum solution.

Next, you will need the help of our lawyers, who thoroughly stay tuned on the laws of countries with which we work, and have an impressive experience. By trusting their professionalism, you can be rest assured that you will receive permanent residence in the selected country.

Collaboration with us is convenient and advantageous: we are used to work for best results and achieve the desired results for their clients. Since contacting us, your every subsequent step will be laid out, each document will be well prepared, and every action will be thoroughly considered.

You can count on our support throughout the whole process of the permanent residence obtaining - we will take care of all the details.



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