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Who among us would refuse to live in prosperity and stability? Who would mind social securities, immunity of business and safety of the family? It is for this that many people seek to obtain permanent residence in favorable in all respects countries.

But apart from the internal state of security and quite measurable benefits in terms of money, those permanently residing in a developed country have a number of advantages over those who do not have this status. For example, there is no need to obtain a special permit to work, you can count on the same social support from the country that is available to the citizens of this country (pensions, unemployment benefits and child birth benefits, free higher education, etc.). Permanent residence gives the right to freely combine work, study, business transactions, you can get visas to other countries much easier. In the end, a person relocating for permanent residence to a country with a developed economy, and became a resident and gets priority when doing business in this country.

What does permanent residence give to the entrepreneur

Any normal country gives a green light to those who bring investments to the country, so it helps the entrepreneurship and creation of new work places to the maximum. So getting a permanent residence for the entrepreneur who declares its readiness to develop business in the country is much more real than for a person with a focus on state benefits. However, one can not do without the help of professionals: it is almost unreal to collect and properly draw-up all documents independently.

But that gives does permanent residence give to the entrepreneur? There are several obvious advantages.

  • Stability and confidence. For a country that accepts a businessman permanent residence it is advantageous that he works today and tomorrow.
  • Straight road to citizenship. Effective businessman has much more arguments to address the question of citizenship in his favor than an unemployed student.
  • A new round of business. Relocation to another country is extension of the range of partners and development of new markets.
  • Cheap loans. Now you can borrow in the world's major banks under normal conditions, but not under those extortionate interest, to which you were accustomed at home.
  • In some countries (including Eastern Europe) it is quite possible to create a "business paper", that is to incorporate a company, to get "tax holidays" for a couple of years and not to conduct the actual activities, but at the same time enjoy the benefits of the entrepreneur with permanent residence.

Of the disadvantages that can be noted is the need to regularly and fully pay taxes, insurances, contributions to social funds in the host country. At first, there may also be some difficulties with registration of the legal entity or bookkeeping according to unusual standards. But with competent legal assistance this is quite unburdensome and can be solved.

Which countries should pay attention to in the first place

Many countries are willing to provide permanent residence to entrepreneurs. But there are those to which the flow of businessmen wishing to relocate permanently, grows every year. This is due to the soft requirements to investment capital, a relatively small number of necessary documents and other features of immigration policy.

Singapore. This country provides a lot of benefits to businessmen, here is profitable to invest money in real estate, and the government of the country gives the green light to investors, regardless of activity in which you want to work. Credit policy allows you to easily get a loan for the development of business or purchase of a house, your children can study in excellent public schools, and you yourself become a contributor to rather solid state pension fund.

Cyprus. Beautiful environment and mild climate suits the taste of many lovers of comfort. And openness to investment, favoring wealthy people and high degree of capital safety attract businessmen from around the world. There is almost no language barrier, low crime rate, and the flight to relatives in your home country will only take a couple of hours.

Poland. It is rather simple to relocate here to permanent residence because the government has not taken measures to reduce the flow of migrants. And, if you have opened your company in the country or are a co-founder of the Polish company, a positive decision to grant you permanent residence is virtually guaranteed.

Canada. Business immigration to this country is quite real, because there are both national and local programs to attract investors and support entrepreneurs. And here it is sufficient to simply open a new enterprise, register a branch or purchase a ready-made business.

The experts of our company will help you to determine which country is better to choose and how to get a permanent residence with minimal time and money. Full legal support, business consulting, providing of maximum information on arrangement in the selected country and doing business by its standards - all these are the guarantees of your confidence in the future.


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