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Relocate to Europe through family reunification

There are not so many ways to obtain permanent residence in Europe, and most of them are associated with serious material costs. One of the easiest and most affordable options is family reunification. In addition, this method is sometimes the only possible one to obtain the permanent residence of the most closed countries for immigrants, for example, in Denmark.

Permanent residence in Europe: conditions for obtaining and requirements to applicants

Each European country has its own peculiarities of this process, but one can separate the general conditions for obtaining permanent residence as well. These include:

  • Marriage between the European citizen and a citizen of another country
  • Living in a civil marriage, from which the children were born
  • Reunification of parents European citizens with children
  • Reunification of children European citizens with parents

The option for obtaining the permanent residence in one of the European countries is relevant only if there is a prospect of marriage to its citizen or close relatives live there, which include only parents and children.

It should be noted that entering into fictitious marriages is impractical and risky. First, if it is suspected that you got married only to get the permanent residence in the country, you are facing deportation and closing access to the country for at least several years. Second, in most countries, the marriage itself does not automatically lead to obtaining the permanent residence and citizenship. At first the residence permit is issued, and only after a certain period, which takes at least 2 years, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence. You can agree that maintaining a semblance of a lawful marriage when it is fictitious during such period will be difficult.

Reunification between parents and children is possible in the event that children under the laws of European country are minors. There are exceptions in the form of a valid reason you need to prove, that it is the child's disability or the parent who has no one to take care of, no other earners in the country and other vital reasons.

In addition to general conditions each country has special requirements for applicants for permanent residence through family reunification. In Denmark, the age of the spouses must be over 24 years. In the Netherlands, the family reunification is considered only if the citizen will support his foreign relative. In Ireland in order to obtain the permanent residence you need to have a certificate of good conduct. In Finland when family reunification you need to provide proof of immigrants financial solvency or their Finnish relatives.

How to obtain the permanent residence in Europe through family reunification

This procedure has many nuances, which depend on the particular country, as well as on your individual situation. To obtain the right of permanent residence in European countries, you need to go a long way. Typically, marriage registration or entry of children or parents to the country entitles to a residence permit drawing up, and only after a certain period, you can submit an application for permanent residence. A peculiarity of this option is the fact that in case of divorce, the foreign citizen’s right for permanent residence shall be canceled.

Our company will provide you with advice and practical assistance in obtaining permanent residence in Europe. Our experience and knowledge of all the intricacies of the law of each country guarantee the achievement of your goal. By immediately contacting professionals you avoid mistakes and get a permanent residence in the country you need without obstacles.



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