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Permanent residence through investment

Perhaps no other issue in recent years caused so much controversy and diverse, conflicting opinions among interested parties as obtaining a permanent residence through investment in Europe. Some explicitly refer to such a procedure as a vulgar fraud, others believe that this is a great chance to get to Europe fast and really for good. And they claim that they have successfully invested in the economy of one of the EU countries and are now reaping the laurels - use all the rights and privileges due to them.


But the opinion even backed by a personal example - is a subjective category, and the bias of particularly zealous fans or opponents of such a migration scheme can not be written off. But to get an objective picture it is sufficient to answer the eternal question: cui prodest?

Investment immigration in Europe: actually, who stands to profit from it?

The fact that obtaining a permanent European residence in exchange for investment a certain amount of money in the economy of the host country may be on hand to the immigrant himself hardly needs further explanation:

  • the holders of permanent residence have virtually equal rights (including economic) with the citizens of the European Union;
  • there’s no need to renew a permanent residence status every five years (as opposed to a residence permit), it is issued once and for all life;
  • the procedure for European permanent residence obtaining through investment is carried out several times faster than the process of citizenship obtaining;
  • to become a permanent resident according to such a migration scheme it is not required to pass an examination on knowledge of language of the host country or to prove ethnicity of the relevant nation;
  • like any investment, the similar investment of money - is not a gift and not a "service fee", but one of the ways to use the capital for possible future profit generation.

Thus, the benefits for the investor are obvious. But just because this way of moving to Europe permanently is almost without flaws, the question of "fly in the ointment" inevitably raises. Indeed, why the governments of several European countries (including Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Great Britain, France) so easily and willingly give permanent resident status?

And the answer is obvious: because it is profitable to the host country as well! The process is simple and truly effective: for several years, during which the investor money is invested in the economy of the country, they do not lie idle - they are constantly "working", thus enriching the country. Moreover, the additional cash infusion - it's always new jobs, new opportunities for intensive development, which, in turn, again logically increase the total income of the country.

It turns out that the permanent residence in Europe for investment is a classic example of synergy, partnership that benefits all parties involved, and not another "soap bubble". However, even under condition of investment of required amount of money to the economy of the host country not every applicant will be allowed to stay in Europe "for good". That, of course, can be a great additional confirmation of the reliability of this method of immigration.



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