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What are resident bonds exactly?

They are registered government bonds for special purposes, intended for Hungarian permanent residence obtaining by the citizens of countries outside the EU.

The nominal value of these bonds is 300.000 Euros.

The bonds maturity period is 5 years. This means that the holder of such bonds is unable to sell them earlier than five years from the date of their issue.

But how the procedure of government bonds purchasing and permanent residence in Hungary obtaining takes place?

Everything begins with the signing of the contract and provision of the necessary documents by the Investor.

The necessary documents are the copies of:

The investor also has the ability to go through the whole procedure both in Hungary and abroad. In the case of proceedings outside Hungary the investor cooperates with embassies of Hungary, and in case of proceedings in the country - with the Administration of Immigration and Citizenship of Hungary.

After obtaining of the necessary documents an invoice will be issued, which the investor must pay within 30 days of receipt.

After payment of the invoice the investor receives a non-negotiable bill of special purpose, issued by our company instead of the one purchased from the Administration of state economy.

The investor also has the possibility to place a deposit in the amount of investment and administrative expenses in certain law firms both in Hungary and abroad.

After payment by the investor or placing a deposit, we will send documents in electronic form with which the investor will have to apply to the specified place of proceedings to submit the biometric data and sign the necessary documents.

After visiting the embassy or Immigration administration, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies within 8 days the verification of the investor will be performed, the results of which will be reported to the investor in a manner he has selected.

As a result of a successful verification, the investor and the members of his family receive documents for residence permit in Hungary obtaining, a plastic card for 5 years, the card expiration date is three months less than the date of the travel document expiration date.

If the verification did not give positive results, the investor gets back the money spent within 30 days.

The proceedings to obtain a residence permit outside Hungary last 45 days, on the territory of the country itself - 21 days.

According to our program, the investor initially receives a residence permit and only after 6 months from the date of obtaining a residence permits and positive characteristic, he applies for a permanent residence obtaining.

During these 6 months the Investor has every right to stay in Hungary and the only restriction to the Investor is the possibility of staying in other EU countries, which will be limited to three months within six months.

The proceedings for permanent residence obtaining take 90 days.

As a result of permanent residence obtaining, the investor receives an internal Hungarian passport (Identity card), which will differ from the passport of Hungarian citizenship only by the citizenship field. In addition, the investor receives a registration card, where his personal number and registration or registered address will be indicated.

Registered address is actually a formality. If the investor has no such address, we can also provide it. The Investor will have to pay for registered address maintenance separately from the principal administrative costs on an annual basis.

After 5-year term, the permanent residence is extended almost automatically for indefinite period.

All family members submit and receive documents simultaneously. If there is no opportunity to simultaneously submit documents by all members of the family, you can submit them separately.

It is important to note, that the application of each family member is considered separately, so if any of the family members will be notified with a request to send some additional information, it will not affect the period of applications consideration of other family members.

Adult children can not be included in the program, they will have to apply only as individual applicants.

Return of invested funds is carried out at the request of the Investor to us in official form as to their return, and then we apply to the Administration of state economy, in response to which the Administration of state economy return the invested funds to us, and we will return these funds to the investor.

Invested funds may be returned to us by the Administration of state economy only on the basis of the official request for invested funds return on the part of the investor.

The guarantees of invested funds return can also be confirmed by a bank guarantee of Granit Bank Zrt.

The state does not establish the amount of administrative expenses. Each company affiliated by the state sets administrative expenses independently.

Amount of administrative expenses in our company amounts to 60,000 Euros.

An important point is also the possibility to take advantage of investment financing from a number of European banks.

In this case, the investor will need to pay the banking fees for financing in lieu of investment, which will amount to 150,000 Euros.

The administrative expenses themselves, unfortunately, are not eligible for financing.

Why should you choose permanent residence in Hungary through the purchase of government bonds in particular?

The holder of permanent residence in Hungary enjoys virtually the same rights as the citizens of Hungary, and has the right to:

The opportunity to draw-up permanent residence for the whole family, including the elderly parents.

Permanent residence of Hungary – it is:

All these benefits you can achieve in cooperation with us.

Only permanent residence of Hungary, and only 5 Stars Europe.


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