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Emigration from any country is quite troublesome thing, regardless of motives. Unstable situation in the homeland, the attempt to avoid high taxes or move to a geographical area with a different climate - each of these reasons forcing people to issue a lot of the required documents, otherwise it’s just impossible to get in another state.

Emigrant should determine in advance the possibilities, that is, to decide with what status he will leave one country and move to another. Perhaps a person has family ties in one or more countries, or maybe he is irreplaceable expert in industrial or scientific fields, a strong programmer or an outstanding athlete. Exceptional contributions to science and sport will let to obtain citizenship in a short time, but it's available for the very few.

Knowledge of language and educational diplomas - that are primarily interested in migration officials, you also should prepare for the language exam (English for most countries) conducting international standards. Educational documents (Higher Education) will also need to assess in advance in international independent agencies. Needless to say, if an expat get to foreign country in refugee status, the diplomas, even if they have those, are not necessary to translate and evaluate in advance. In different countries, respectively, the requirements for immigrating people differ, so before filing documents it is necessary to examine all the requirements and standards of a particular State.

Legal firms provide all the necessary services for future immigrants. So, they can order a search of employers, transfers and if necessary notarization of certification documentation, they help prepare for the interview and open an account. Notaries also consult on the assessment of opportunities to travel and legally support expat until he/she receives official status abroad.

Stages of naturalization: residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship of the long-awaited

Naturalized, that is, to become a citizen of another country not for the birthright is not easy, but possible. The only thing that you can’t become a citizen immediately, you have to go through several phases.

Their names are known and they are:

  • Residence permit;
  • Permanent residence;
  • And citizenship itself.

It should be noted that from obtaining a residence permit until the citizenship may take many years. It is impossible to say exactly how much, because of the differences in the legislation of the countries. Also vary the status, for example, in the United States permanent residence - green card, and it makes the owner of it almost forever as a full citizen (if not to commit the offense), and in neighboring Canada permanent residence status is quite possible to lose by leaving the country for two years.

First phase - residence permit

Methods for obtaining a residence permit are different in different states, but not essential, they can be grouped as follows:

  • marriage to a citizen of the country;
  • getting a job;
  • starting a business;
  • getting an education.

Law Firm helps immigrant to get the status of a residence permit in any of these ways. Future emigrant is assisted to find a reliable employer and to sign a lucrative contract of employment.

To marry a citizen of another country is not very easy, but experienced lawyers will do everything according to the law of a particular country.

Residence permit through commerce or business-emigration - is quite common way for a wealthy people to get the new status, and eventually obtain citizenship, but there are enough nuances. Just like to give someone a large sum and get a residence permit will not work.

For young professional is of interest to study at an worthy foreign university, and after finishing an education getting a job and the status of residence permit, and in this case a great assistance is provided by lawyers (translation of documents about the existing education, independent evaluation, etc..).

Permanent residence – almost citizenship

The permanent residence status is extremely important, because in most countries, it provides almost all the rights that citizenship, except the right to vote and hold public office. To obtain permanent residence laws of the bulk of countries provides increased requirements, but the basic requirement - stay in the status of a residence permit for a specified period of time (usually 3-5 years).

Have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence fairly quickly - it's an investment in the economy of some countries. Several states, also known as offshore zones provide an opportunity to invest funds into their economy and to obtain permanent residence, and countries such as the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, immediately grant citizenship after payment in Diabetes Fund - to support agriculture.

Our experience and knowledge to help emigrants

In front of migrant in another country, often on another continent and the mainland, arises innumerable questions. All of them can be solved, but takes a lot of energy and time. Especially it concerns official registration of papers preparing the so-called emigration "suitcase", including all the necessary information about the person. Needless to say, that the preparation, translation and independent international assessment documents take a long time, often emigrant does not know what is needed for a particular country, because requirements can vary significantly.

Using the services of our lawyers who know the nuances of the immigration laws of all countries of the world, the person ceases to worry about the upcoming move. No longer have to re-read dozens of benefits, hundreds of often conflicting user reviews from network and a thick books with the official data - all is done by our staff, and as quickly as possible and with the greatest use!

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