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Relocate to Europe through repatriation

Despite the fact that today various immigration programs had become obsolete, many people want to relocate to European countries for permanent residence to implement their own potential in life. In this article we will focus on programs allowing obtaining the status of resident of one of the European countries.

For this purpose today the repatriation program is often used, which can be used by the people who have relatives (the level must be at least grandparents, great-grandparents) with the nationality of the European country to which they are going to relocate for permanent residence.

Regulation of repatriation

Most recently, many European countries have adopted new laws that regulate the repatriation. The laws of these countries provide many advantages and benefits that enable new immigrants with full dedication to realize themselves and their talents in their historical homeland in absolutely new conditions: cultural, economic, social.

Pedigree evidence

Repatriation laws of different countries say that as the evidence of European origin the documents issued by the state authorities or ecclesiastical authorities can serve.

In some countries upon arrival the repatriates are immediately granted permanent residence. In various European countries the citizenship after obtaining the permanent residence can be obtained in 2-5 years, depending on the local legislation.

Some words about complexities

The potential repatriate can face difficulties with existing immigration programs, for example with the establishment of origin, that is with the evidence of European roots.

Nevertheless, no matter what difficulties arose our specialists who have worked for a long time in the sphere of citizenship establishing, archival research and legal services will certainly help the potential repatriate. When timely addressing our company the future repatriate receives a guarantee that his belonging to a particular nationality will be established and proved.

The specialists of our will help the future repatriate with collecting all the necessary documents, even if he does not fully meet the requirements of the legislation of the European country. To obtain permanent residence in one of the European countries will be easy due to their efforts. The term of program fulfillment may be several months, depending on several factors and features. If you have questions, you can consult the employees of our company. Call us. We will certainly help!



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