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Argentina is a country that is rapidly freeing from the shortcomings of the third world countries. In this regard, an interesting symbiosis is observed here: a lot of free social benefits and guarantees for citizens are preserved, commodity prices are more affordable here than in the States, and yet there are all opportunities to build and develop a profitable business.

Therefore the desire of people to obtain a permanent residence here is quite understandable, it gives the right to use free education, health care systems, to find a job with a high salary, and obtain loans from banks and register various forms of ownership. Upon obtaining a permanent residence in Argentina, you will be able to travel without visas to all the countries of South America. In the future you will expand the list of countries with visa-free entry by receiving Argentine citizenship. You will have no visa barriers to enter the United States and almost all European countries. A friendly attitude towards immigrants from the Argentines, who are in fact also the ancestors of immigrants, can be called an additional advantage.

One of the simplest schemes for permanent residence obtaining is emigration to Argentina through family reunification. This procedure is available for those people who are married to a citizen of Argentina. Also, this method is suitable for parents who want to relocate to a permanent place of residence to their children, citizens of Argentina, and minor children who are reunited with parents in this way.

A peculiarity of obtaining of permanent residence in Argentina through family reunification is a simplified procedure of entry to the country. All other immigrants have to pass two interviews, while during the second one the degree of knowledge of Spanish will be assessed. For those who relocate to Argentina for permanent residence for family reunification, it is sufficient to pass a single interview, to provide documents proving the kinship, and a letter of invitation from relatives who are Argentine citizens. With official invitation through Consulate the relatives confirm their readiness to assist the newcomer in setting up life in a new place, because the country does not pay social benefits to immigrants and does not provide mandatory housing and jobs.

Are you interested in this option of obtaining a permanent residence in Argentina? Then contact our company immediately. We will review your situation and be sure to find a reason for you to quickly and easily relocate to the chosen country through family reunification for permanent residence and receive all the benefits of their new status. Even if you are in doubt whether this method is fit for you, remember that experienced professionals will always find the correct and quick way out of your situation. Call us, and we will help you to obtain a permanent residence in Argentina through family reunification.

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