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Uruguay is a small country with a wonderful climate and picturesque valleys. The temperatures are rarely below ten degrees plus in Uruguay, there are few industrial structures, developed agriculture and animal husbandry. This small country has many pine trees and very clean air. The ocean washes shores of Uruguay, the whole country is covered with greenery.

Oriental Republic of Uruguay is famous not only for beautiful weather, stunning scenery, beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of La Plata, in Uruguay it is very quiet, there is no crime, throughout the country there are natured manners and respect for neighbors, even to newcomers.

Advantages of permanent residence in Uruguay

A permanent residence in Uruguay gives many possibilities. Among them is free higher education, a diploma of Uruguayan universities is quite simply legalized in Spain and is appreciated as well as diploma of the other European country.

Uruguay is an offshore zone and this is attractive to the immigrant businessmen. Many pensioners from the United States, Canada and other countries to immigrate to Uruguay due to the low cost of living, tranquility and environmentally friendly products, as this small country is exporter of agricultural and fishery products of the highest quality.

Uruguayan passport gives you the opportunity to visit dozens of countries without a visa - and this is a big plus. To all European countries, Japan, Latin and Central America - to any of these countries, you can come with Uruguayan documents without a visa.

With Uruguayan documents you can get a job in any of Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, etc.).

How to obtain a permanent residence in Uruguay?

Initially in Uruguay a residence permits valid for one year is issued, until the application for permanent residence is considered, and there are several ways to obtain it:

It is important, that the permanent residence in each of way is issued through a different time. The fastest way to obtain permanent residence is through the company founding in three years after its registration. For citizenship a timely payment of taxes is important.

Pensioners receive permanent residence after five years, for this you should confirm the income starting from one thousand five hundred dollars and buy real estate. If a pensioner is not single, the second member of the family does not need a proof of income.

Under the status of "rentier" the immigrant must show income from 500 dollars, transferred from abroad. For the "rentier" and pensioners the permanent residence is provided after five years.

Obtaining a permanent residence under status of an employee in any Uruguayan company is difficult due to the low demand of the country in the wage-workers.

Another option is to marry a citizen of Uruguay, but then you should pay taxes for the next two years, if the baby is not born before that.

To obtain a permanent residence in the prosperous Uruguay on your own is quite difficult, you need the knowledge both of legal technicalities and Spanish, and many other details that are unknown to the ordinary immigrant.

To definitely obtain a permanent residence in Uruguay, it is best to consult a qualified, experienced lawyers who constantly draw-up such documents and knowing all the subtleties of permanent residence obtaining.

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