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How to open a fund in Liechtenstein

To obtain a permanent residence in the European Principality of Liechtenstein is very difficult. The officials – the residents of Liechtenstein are very biased to this issue. Despite the fact that Liechtenstein is a small country consisting of 11 villages (communes) with its capital in Vaduz and 33 thousand of inhabitants. And the majority of the population are still foreigners. Due to the law on refugees adopted many years ago a lot of foreigners, mostly from neighboring countries - Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia came to Liechtenstein. Overall, in spite of all these facts, the principality does not require additional population. Natives of Liechtenstein live very well, the principality holds second place in the world after the United States for income per capita.

Obtaining a permanent residence in Liechtenstein is possible in several ways:

However, all these options, including the last one (marriage) are only possible after living in the principality for more than 10 years. And this is not the main criterion. Although Liechtenstein is not a part of Schengen union, you can enter the country under the Schengen visa stamped with "C" category.

Officials of the Principality have different approaches to the issue of obtaining a permanent residence of Liechtenstein by the citizens of different countries. The citizens of Switzerland and Austria may obtain a permanent residence after five years of residence. EEA citizens have to constantly live in the principality for the past 10 years. And the citizens of all other countries must not only constantly live in Liechtenstein for 10 years, but also to be the workers in demand, that is to have the status of employee. The features of permanent residence additionally include different possibilities for relatives resettlement: for the EEA countries, Switzerland, Austria immigration of all close relatives is possible, including parents, for the other countries - only family members.

The citizens of Liechtenstein are also biased to the question of marriage. The spouse must reside in the Principality for not less than 12 years, and the second spouse may obtain a permanent residence only after 3 years after the official registration of the marriage.


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