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Permanent residence in Hungary

They say you can not choose your motherland. But sometimes you want to do just that very much: to find a new place – one, where it is good when we are not there, but even when we are there - and begin a new and better life. Especially if you do not even have to look for an almost perfect country that meets all the parameters: Hungary, with its marvelous climate, magnificent nature, stable political situation and favorable economics, suits for this role just perfectly.

Permanent residence in Hungary: advantages are obvious!

The ability to constantly stay on the territory of Europe, freely enter into any Schengen country and just as smoothly depart from there, to buy real estate with no additional complications and even take out loans in European banks at a discounted, surprisingly low rate - all of these benefits are fully available to each holder of Hungarian permanent residence. And all this is an incomplete list of what is automatically attached to permanent residence in Hungary.

But what are other rights and privileges that the holder of a treasured document can expect? There are quite a lot of them - at least, to feel happy and socially protected, true enough:

And, of course, there is no point to forget about the full right of the holder of permanent residence in Hungary to ask for citizenship of this country - with zero risk to be refused.

Almost as citizenship, only much simpler: how to get a permanent residence in Hungary once - and for life

Knowledge of Hungarian language at a high level, availability of solid evidence that Hungarian blood flows in your veins - yes, without fulfillment of these conditions it is very, very problematic to obtain Hungarian citizenship. Of course, you can go after the low-hanging fruit and confine oneself to temporary residence permit. However, is this way that easy? Residence permit in Hungary must regularly be renewed, and this procedure (as, indeed, are all that are somehow related to the need to storm the bureaucratic authorities) is not exactly simple and enjoyable.

Permanent residence in Hungary is a great, almost perfect compromise between a residence permit and citizenship. Its owners do not have to prove that they belong to the glorious Hungarian people and do not have to know the language. Nevertheless to those who obtained the permanent residence almost a full range of benefits and privileges due to a citizen of Hungary is also available.

And most importantly - recently it became possible to obtain permanent residence once and for all! That's right: in connection with a number of changes in Hungarian immigration legislation a number of applicants can count on the fact that the coveted status they will have not for just a good long time, but indeed for life! For this you need to use a special program developed by Hungarian government and obtain the permanent residence through investment. It is nothing less than Hungarian citizenship – with the same set of rights and opportunities but without additional difficulties and with the maximum guarantee of a positive result!


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