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Germany through permanent investments

Quite often, investment activity in Germany is associated not only with purely economic interests. The whole point is that Germany has an investment program for foreigners, allowing a permanent residence through investments obtaining. It opens on the one hand, a new income opportunity; on the other - new career opportunities, finding new connections and personal enrichment.

Unlike visas, a residence permit and permanent residence provide much more liberal conditions of staying in the country. And investment program also provides expedited procedure for citizenship obtaining, if it is included in the plans of the investor.

It should immediately be noted that the purchase of residential real estate is not included to the investment program. German lawmakers have deliberately excluded this item from the program to eliminate the possibility of simplified obtaining of permanent residence by foreigners who just have enough money to buy an apartment, a house or a land plot.

Conditions for permanent residence obtaining through investment

If the applicant plans to relocate to Germany include not only the short-stay during vacation or holidays, only investment in the business or the country economy should be considered.

Here the investment program is closely intertwined with the legislation, which regulates permanent residence obtaining for entrepreneurs and company representatives. Investor planning to invest in any activity can expect to obtain a permanent residence upon several conditions fulfillment:

Legal changes of 2012

Legal basis until 2012 has been regulated more strictly than now. Very specific criteria were meant. Immigrant had to invest in German economy an amount from 250 thousand Euros and create five or more working places. And it was implied that investments in the least developed areas of regional economy to maximally stimulate its development.

Nowadays it became easier to obtain a permanent residence as more attention is paid to the immigrant queries clarity and the business plan of the investment activity presented by him. Economic conditionality, coupled with the experience may well be sufficient arguments in favor of the authorized organizations to enable immigrant to participate in the investment program. A lot of attention is still given to regional factors.

Good preparation is the key to success

Usually it is required to organize your investment activity in such a legal form as GmbH, which roughly corresponds to the concept of limited liability company - the simplest form of the legal entity organization. If all conditions have been met, and documentary issues were settled in the manner prescribed by law, the investor initially receives a residence permit valid for three years, and only then he can expect to receive a permanent residence or even accelerated passing of the naturalization procedure.

Germany is known for its pretty tough legislation that has virtually no "loopholes" for foreigners and is continually refined. Therefore it is necessary not to overestimate your strength. Contacting competent specialists of our company will help to avoid bureaucratic delays and unnecessary spending of time and effort when permanent residence in Germany through investment activities obtaining. Economic benefits in combination with new possibilities will no longer be a challenge for you.


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