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Unfortunately, in today's world, not everyone can boast unwavering patriotism and devotion to the motherland. The reason for this is not only moral principles, but also a lower standard of living compared to the western neighbors. Some, for obvious reasons, dream to set out in search of better living conditions and often decide in favor of Europe. However, one-way ticket is not enough to permission for permanent residence abroad.

What are the benefits of permanent residence in Europe?

Permission for permanent residence is the golden mean between a residence permit and citizenship. At the same time it gives its holder the right to many benefits available to the residents of the European Union: free health care, benefits for education, starting of your own business, credit arrangements, mortgages and bank accounts, social guarantees. All this will be available, subject to the laws and regulations abidingness of the applicable law.

What are the grounds for permanent residence obtaining?

No country in Europe provides permanent residence without good reason. These include:

Family reunification;

You have the right to permanent residence, if one of your close relatives, a minor child or spouse are citizens of the country in which you want to immigrate. In some countries it is sufficient that your family member was not a citizen, but had the right to permanent residence.

Marriage to a resident of the country.

All European countries are very loyal to the international unions and do not interfere with moving of the spouse abroad. However, some countries try to protect themselves from fictitious marriage and give the right to permanent residence for a short period with the right to extend, subject to maintaining the family.

There are several other options of relocation. They originally mean a residence permit obtaining and, eventually, the transition to permanent residence. Among them are:

  • Starting of your own business in the territory of the country;
  • Invitation from the employer;
  • Investments.

No country refuses from immigration of successful businessmen and investors. With proper contribution to the economy of the country you can expect to obtain the right to permanent residence soon.

How to draw up documents to obtain permanent residence in Europe?

To understand this question, you first need to choose the country. After that you should contact its nearest consulate, where you will find a list of documents for a long-term visa obtaining. You can go abroad on your own in order to solve all the matters on the spot, for example, to get married or to meet with the employer. If you do not have enough experience in such matters, it is best to consult a specialist well-acquainted with the immigration laws of the country you have chosen.

Permanent residence in the EU countries opens access to higher standards of living and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of European resident. In addition, the relocation itself is quite responsible and prolonged matter. Not to waste time on unnecessary calls, meetings, collecting documents, visits to the embassy and other organizational issues during this time, leave drawing up of permanent residence for individuals to the experts of our company. We guarantee you advice on all matters necessary and skilled care at all stages of preparation for immigration to the country of your dreams.



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