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Investment program in France

France is one of the leading countries of Europe and the world. Residents of many countries in the world dream to obtain a permanent residence in France. Not only that the permanent residence status significantly improves the conditions of residence in France, it also opens the way to possible citizenship obtaining.

Investment program in France

For investors in France, as in many of the leading EU countries, there’s is a separate immigration program. On the basis of this program an investor can make capital investments and obtain documentary permit for permanent residence with a 10-year validity period. The permit gives you the right to reside in the territory of France, but it does not make it an obligation, as well as the recipient does not become a tax resident.

After three years of owning such a permit the investor has the right to apply for citizenship status. The same right applies to his family members. Citizenship obtaining does not imply necessary renunciation of previous citizenship. Despite not a very short time in Europe (there are countries in which do not have to wait for three years), the French investment program is quite handy, and simplicity combined with the relative affordability makes it very attractive.

Legal basis and obvious advantage

Investor will have to make capital investment (various conditions are provided for, and the amount of investment varies between 150.000 and 2.500.000 Euros). The amount is not the smallest, but we are talking about France - one of the leading countries with stable economy and huge opportunities for economic and entrepreneurial activity.

Investing in your own large enterprise in the territory of France, the investor receives a permit for permanent residence that is regulated by the government decree of 2009. The investor will have the right, at his own wish, to reside in France or in another country.

As a result, the investor may well take advantage of the obvious benefit and to avoid double taxation, unless the said agreement is concluded between the country to which he belongs, and France. That is it is quite possible to open your business in France, avoiding excessive costs and taking advantage of the full benefits of international economic activity.

Tax issue

We should make a reservation that the investor becomes a tax resident only if resides in France permanently or has purchased residential real estate. In addition, there are two possible cases: commercial activity and the presence in France of the "center of economic interest". Tax issue should be resolved in each case separately.

This issue is very important for investors and major entrepreneurs. It is considered individually in the framework of several key principles:

Overcoming of difficulties in permanent residence obtaining

Thus, it is the tax issue when investing money in your own large enterprise that is the most difficult aspect of obtaining permanent residence in France. However, there are other difficult issues that the investor is not always able to overcome on his own because of the language barrier and the lack of awareness about the intricacies of the legislation.

To avoid possible misunderstandings, minimize additional financial costs and shorten the implementation of all necessary procedures - contact our specialists. Their wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of French immigration legislation will help you to use your investment opportunities for permanent residence obtaining by a simplified program to the maximum.


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