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European Union opens not only significant social and cultural perspectives to every resident and guest. The EU countries remain among the most stable in the world, despite all global crises and other negative phenomena.

In this regard, it becomes very attractive to establish funds in the EU. What could be better than to organize a financial fund in one of the countries with well- developed economy and high levels of stability? For business and for any financial activity this for sure will be a huge benefit and a guarantor of security.

However, to establish a fund in the EU you should take into account some of the nuances, in particular:

  • Different countries have different requirements to the founders of the fund and to the authorized capital.
  • You will need to undergo a procedure of fund registration. The list of required documents and the order of procedure itself can vary significantly.
  • The funds that are engaged in commercial activities or have the ability to carry it out subject to control and audit on the part of authorized organizations.
  • For all financial transactions performed on behalf of the fund, the founders will be liable under the law of the country in which the fund was established.

Practice shows that the legislation that regulates financial activities of the organization in general and of funds in particular may contain nuances, which the founders may not learn due to the lack of awareness and because of the language barrier. Later unaccounted legal requirements threaten by the lots of troubles.

To avoid this, it makes sense to apply to the competent professionals who will help and support in establishing the fund, namely

  • advise about the ease and benefits of establishing a fund in a particular country ;
  • help clarify the full list of requirements, taking into account the intentions of the founders;
  • assist in finding the authorized organizations for the collection and submission of required documents ;
  • advise about the disputes that arose and help to successfully resolve them within the current legislation;
  • inform about the latest developments in the laws relating to the funds establishment.

If you want to establish a fund in one of the countries of the European Union, do not neglect professional advice on all matters that you may have. Refer to our experts and we will provide you with the best information support. Thanks to us, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises and unexpected situations in the establishment of the fund in the EU.


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