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Are you not sad that your country lending business and different projects does not make sense because of the extortionate interest and unduly harsh conditions for a loan? Meanwhile, worldwide small companies and large corporations use the resources of banks and funds for business development and growth of its revenue.

In fact, you can get a loan with a foreign bank or an investment in a tranche of funds too - it is not against the law. Just this requires specific knowledge and contacts with these institutions. Receive of such a funding - a solved problem in principle, but requires the work of a whole team of professionals.

What you will get?

Our company has many years of fruitful work experience with leading banks of the world and the European Union, as well as greater practice of involving of funds for various projects. And we are ready to share with you this experience, providing the whole range of services to obtain real financial support from various respected investment and banking institutions.

  • Choosing individually and the optimal program funding for you.
  • We will prepare all the necessary documentation for this, including the rationale, budgets, plans, etc.
  • You will get a powerful advisory support for transactions, tendering, specific of the legislation in any country.
  • We provide coordination of all actions, timing control, and possible changes in the situation, as well as carefully monitor of every step of the flow of information and funds.

As a result, entrusting us with all the arrangements, at the output you get your project funded by very mild conditions.

Why is it better to trust professionals?

Working with a team of professionals will bring you a lot more benefit than trying to resolve the issue of foreign funding on your own:

  • We use in our work the latest methods of financial engineering, and that’s why we are going on the shortest route; your winnings - time;
  • Attracting foreign funding for legal entities has a lot of legal niceties - you'll be constantly in touch with our lawyers, ready at any moment to connect to the issues;
  • Our team not only has ready solutions to common problems, but also ready to come to your individual occasion - as a result you get the maximum effectiveness of the project at any starting conditions;
  • Our ties to leading European banks let us go even behind the door, which is closed for a person "from the street" - we are leveling the influence of subjective factors on the adoption of the financing decision.

Our company is a recognized expert in attracting leading foreign institutions (investment and credit) to finance entities. Working with us customers regardless of location have huge possibilities of using the global financial system for their own purposes.

Knowledge, experience, communication and excellent reputation of the company are at your service.

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5 Stars Europe

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5 Stars Europe


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www.5starseurope.com Skype: fivestarseurope Tel.: +377 640 61 88 73 Tel.: +33 977 218 718
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