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Financial services. Preparation for IPO

Abbreviation IPO can be decoded as Initial Public Offering, in other words, the first public offering of shares, offer to a number of investors to be shareholders of the company. Taking part in the IPO, the company attractes a large amount of long-term financial resources, acquires the status of a public company. IPO is not less profitable for potential investors: in the future, they are able to receive significant revenue, reduce risk, diversify an investment portfolio.

When preparing for an IPO, it is important to minimize all financial costs, and it’s uneasy to make. Preparing for an IPO - a long and complex process that involves many steps:

  • decisions regarding placement of shares, change in the structure of management of the company, financing IPO;
  • determining of holding’s jurisdiction;
  • selection of companies providing legal support;
  • structuring of the holding;
  • restructuring of the finance department for the preparation of financial statements in a strictly limited period of time;
  • select of international companies for audit;
  • the timing of the financial and legal audit;
  • choice of Invest Bank and bankers with experience in the jurisdiction of the holding and investors base, having an interest in this area;
  • selection of methods to search for investors;
  • range of exchanges and platforms for them;
  • selection of companies engaged in relations with the media;
  • planning and running the project, team building;
  • formation of a public board of directors;
  • gathering the necessary documentation, website creation, issue prospectus, the road show presentations and individual presentations to the media;
  • obtaining registration jurisdiction of state agencies;
  • road-shows;
  • closure of the list of applications;
  • carrying out calculations and financial transactions;
  • launching listing.

At each stage of preparation for the IPO occurs a wide range of risks and complexities related, first, directly with the activities of the company, its prospects in the market, and secondly, the specific financial transactions and legal risk for an IPO. Each unit preparation for IPO is supposed to match all the internal structures of the company, planning to enter the IPO, clearly specified standards, for compliance checking which exchanges check all candidates for listing.

To successful IPO in advance schedule, without delays and problematic situations, we recommend you to refer to a specialist. Our staff has extensive experience and is engaged in the following areas:

  • Selection of stock markets, property holding structuring according to the standards of the exchange;
  • Development the control of holding under required regulations, preparation of documentation, support during each of the stages of preparation for the IPO and in its conduct, protection the interests of our clients.

With us IPO will be held on time and will bring you the desired results!

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