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Investment is one of the most popular forms of capital augmentation. The essence of this process is very simple: an investor invests a certain amount to some object of the market to get any further benefit. In some cases, the benefit may be due to the direct development of the object of the market, in others – it can provide certain advantages, in which the investor is interested.

Forms of international investment

If we consider the international investment separately, it is possible to highlight some key and common forms, each of which has its advantages. Depending on what goals the investor is pursuing, he can act by different methods within the legislation of the country in the area of jurisdiction of which the investment procedure is implemented.

Investing in your own business

This is the simplest kind of investment from an economic standpoint. It is understood that the capital invested in the development of a certain enterprise. Within the framework of international investment this may well give additional benefits as well, because many countries have investment programs for foreign entrepreneurs.

In this case, different requirements may be specified, but most often they include investing of a certain amount in the development of the country economy and creating new working places. Usually territorial and economic factor plays a significant role, and those regions and branches of the economy, where stimulation is required the most actively act as a priority.

Investing in your own business in the territory of another country can provide accelerated residence permit and permanent residence for the investor, and in some countries - accelerated citizenship obtaining as well. In addition, this will greatly expand the business horizons in virtually any area.

Investing in securities

Different types of securities may be issued both by private companies and government organizations. In any case, we should talk about the issue of assets backed by any guarantor. Guarantees may be less stable, but promising higher profits when it comes to growing companies. Guarantees can not promise significant benefits, but will provide stability and additional privileges when it comes to public investment.

Within the framework of international cooperation public investment is often used as an additional means of economic development of different countries. The conditions under which a foreign investor can make an investment, usually also imply some advantage, especially when obtaining permanent residence and naturalization, if the investor plans to immigrate. However, some countries deliberately exclude the possibility of obtaining citizenship for investment, although the requirements usually still remain more loyal than in the general case.

What difficulties may arise?

There are other types of investment - for example, investment in residential real estate, to charitable and other funds, and so on. Priority usually is to invest in your own business or in securities under stable guarantees. However, problems of the considerable complexity can stand in the way of the investor:

  • language barriers, lack of knowledge of the historical and traditional aspects of the matter;
  • bureaucratic delays, inaccuracies and exceptional cases in the legislation;
  • fraudulent organizations that use the ignorance of the investor and offer him favorable terms that do not correspond to reality.

Please contact us and our qualified upscale specialists will lend you full support. We will help you based on your economic and personal interests to choose the best investment programs in different countries of the world and select the one that would be the best and most comfortable for you. Economic benefits and additional advantages is the main thing our experts are fighting for!

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