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How to open a fund in Liechtenstein

Opening of a fund in Liechtenstein is one of the most reliable ways to protect and preserve your property. When establishing a fund in Liechtenstein, it is possible to provide a safe assets management and their reliable storage. All this is possible thanks to financial stability of this small country and regulated legal system, thanks to which Liechtenstein is rightly called "Little Switzerland".

Establishment of a fund is possible for implementation of various financial goals. Among them:

To establish a fund in Liechtenstein an authorized capital of 30 thousand Swiss francs is required. Both natural persons and legal entities who are residents of other countries have the right to establish a fund. The fund can not be created without prior announced and fixed targets. The specificity of the fund registration and further work depends on what task that is assigned to it.

It should be noted that commercial activities may not be primary for the fund. It can only be used as one of the auxiliary tools of capital replenishment. At the same time the founders, if the fund carries on business or has this opportunity, are liable to the authorized organizations according to current legislation.

In order for fund to have a legal status, it should be included in the State Register, and all the necessary information about it should be fixed in supervisory organizations. According to the legal regulations there are special requirements to the members of the fund council. In addition, the fund should provide representation for the public authorities of Liechtenstein.

To register the fund you must competently approach to the planning of all the procedures, namely:

To avoid any difficulties and unpleasant situations in the establishment of the fund in Liechtenstein, it makes sense to get support and advisory services of competent professionals. By contacting us, you will be able to provide the most simple, devoid of overpayments and delay procedure of the fund registration. You do not have to worry about anything, and soon you will be able to preserve and increase available financial assets under the protection of one of the most stable countries in Europe.


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