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Private banking

Private Banking, sometimes it called private bank or private banker, - it's a service of individual maintenance for the wealthiest persons – clients of a particular bank. Private banking includes the whole complex of financial and also not financial services, which are provided for especially important individuals. Usually, it is a separate structural unit, staff of which has experience, knowledge and sufficient authority for conducting business of their VIP-clients.

As everything related to quality banking services, Private Banking came from Switzerland. Here banks started to act not only in role of secure storage for funds, but also like experienced and knowing manager of all financial flows of it’s the most important and significant clients. The guarantee of the quality of provided services were the property and funds of Private Banking managers.

Of course, a lot of changed with time. But Private Banking is still including the following services:

  • carrying out various operations with client’s accounts, assistance in placing deposits, counseling and provision of credits, maintenance of granted bank premium cards;
  • counseling in issues of investments in mutual funds, fund management, precious metals, as well as in life insurance;
  • providing investment banking services to capital management;
  • submitting possibilities in alternative investments placing, for example, in hedge funds, the purchase of works of art, jewelry and much more;
  • informational and legal support of financial transactions, consultation on foreign exchange and tax laws, including international;
  • various not bank services – the selection of tourist tours, organization of work trips, booking the plane tickets, ordering the rooms in hotels and other services.

Briefly, Private Banking – is a private banker, which comes to financial issues comprehensively, competently and balanced. The set of necessary especially for you services is selected individually, depending on your needs and wishes.

Of course, Private Banking clients can count on special attitude and excellent service. Separate offices, persona; bank employee, flexible working hours, departure by arrangement to your home or work place, various club privileges – here is just a short list of services for VIP-clients. And while, the bank will offer you the best, unique conditions in any bank activity direction.

And, of course, the main advantage of Private Banking – is absolutely and unconditional confidentiality.

You can be absolutely sure in the quality of provided services, their reliability, and also competence of our employees. We work to preserve and increase your wealth and make the world of financial transactions as safe as possible for you!

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5 Stars Europe

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5 Stars Europe


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