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The more the person has the opportunity to realize himself abroad, the more serious problem of financing the purchases: a decent real estate, luxury cars, yachts or even airplane. All of this is the inherent attributes of a successful person, at what to pay for them by your own is not necessarily, because of worldwide perfectly developed lending instruments.

It will match you

You should use the opportunities of the global financial system Private Lending if:

  • you want to buy residential real estate (including the elite) abroad - an apartment, a house to live in or holiday villa;
  • maybe you just need to invest free funds - in this case you should carefully approach to the choice of the real estate object;
  • you have business interests in other countries, and it would be reasonable to purchase own office in each of them;
  • you plan to maintain an appropriate level of your life abroad, and you need a suitable car, yacht, aircraft - those vehicles that will save your time and emphasize your status.

The choice is yours

No longer a secret that the loans in the European financial institutions are many times cheaper than in other parts of the world. In addition, there are a number of schemes allowing to pay only 2-4 per cent per annum for ten years or more, but get deferral, roll the loan agreement and have a lot of other preferences.

For example, the vehicle can be purchased in leasing, and for financing the purchase of a luxury real estate is possible to pick a program that not only provides low interest rates, but also tax benefits.

Dilettantism does not pass

However, to find a suitable bank in a particular country and the most sensible option for a loan yourself, is unlikely to succeed. This can do only competent professionals with extensive experience, having, besides, the necessary connections in different countries. But to select a program - it is also not enough, because the result should be "real" money, and not a list of suggestions.

All the matter is that serious banks and investment funds for major contracts do not work directly with clients - negotiating needs services of a lawyer specializing in international lending.

In addition, you will need a package of required documents, which may include various assurances, information on the finances of the borrower (and here the requirements may be quite hard), and his bank accounts. To provide all the necessary data is often practically impossible (and all of this has to be drawn up correctly in a foreign language). But if you contact a company that specializes in the subject, the issue with the documents is solved in a matter of days.

Professionals are in service

Our company will take care of all lending of large purchases abroad. It's a great outlet for busy and practical people who understand: the services of the team of highly skilled professionals are worth to pay for them. And we have something to offer for the VIP clients.

Competence, years of experience, right connections around the world - everything at your disposal.

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5 Stars Europe


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