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Those for whom it is not enough to get a residence permit or permanent residence in the country in which they wish to live, and who plans to equalize his rights with the local population and to move permanently to a new residence, apply for citizenship obtaining.

Whether it's one of the European countries or any other country, to become a full citizen is much more difficult than getting any other document authorizing long stay in the country. The process of obtaining citizenship can drag on for years, and in many cases the result of all the hassle and effort is refusal.

To avoid this, and to obtain the citizenship of the selected country in the shortest time possible, you need to contact our company and your troubles will be assumed by experienced international lawyers. They will individually choose the most effective plan of action, draw up all documents and advise on all issues. You just have to watch the well-coordinated work of professionals and wait for the result - inevitably positive.

To obtain the citizenship in foreign countries in possible in several ways:

  • Naturalization assumes full integration into the local community. Thus, in order to become a citizen of another country, you will have to live in its territory for a long time, to learn the language and become familiar with the culture and traditions.
  • Business emigration is a possibility to obtain the citizenship much faster if you have a profitable business in the host country.
  • Repatriation is one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain citizenship. In almost all countries there are benefits to those who have the ethnicity of the population of the country. The only thing required is to confirm this nationality.
  • Restoration of citizenship is suitable to those who have once been a citizen of this country, but for one reason or another had left it.
  • Family reunification. This is another way to obtain citizenship quickly - it the close relatives in the country are available.
  • Political asylum - this is an opportunity to get not only citizenship, but also a special status.

Our experts will help you to implement any of these options, by previously selecting the most appropriate one. The professionalism, knowledge and personal approach - that is the key to providing high quality legal services. By taking the decision to work with us, you are doing the most important step in the direction of your dreams of a new citizenship.



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