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Residence permit in Liechtenstein

Not to be a citizen of the European Union and freely come to live in Liechtenstein is almost unreal. Even the person from the prosperous Germany or the UK in most cases has to obtain a work permit and a residence permit, although according to the regulations the EU citizens can live comfortably in this small country. Liechtenstein is not the EU member, but it is included in the free trade association and economic zone.

To obtain a residence permit in Liechtenstein is a complicated process for a person with no European citizenship. This tiny state anyway has many those wishing to work from Austria and Switzerland, so the immigration authorities are very reluctant to give a residence permit to complete strangers. For this you need to prove your value as a professional with a rare and desired specialty for the country, or to confirm your financial security.

The immigration authorities speak separately with every applicant, and there is no special scenario of the conversation, everything is individual. Since there are a lot of those wishing to settle in Liechtenstein and the number of officials is small, the applications are considered for two-three years.

Methods for obtaining a residence permit in Liechtenstein.

No matter how difficult, but it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Liechtenstein and the most effective ways to do it are as follows:

Liechtenstein is a rich country, and offers a job to only those professionals who can not be replaced by its own citizens. Residence permit through an employment contract is granted either for a year, or for five years, with a right of renewal.

If the residence permit is issued for one year, the specialist must prove his self-sufficiency for this year, as well as to provide employment contract for this term (one year). Additionally it may be required to prove that the employee job responsibilities require his permanent staying in Liechtenstein, and the trips to and out of the country are impossible. A residence permit on the short term is issued, except for working professions, to athletes, actors, artists and businessmen. To obtain a residence permit for five years it is necessary to prove the uniqueness of your profession and the need to stay in the country, to provide a work contract for a long or unlimited period.

An outsider can not register a company in Liechtenstein, if he had not lived there for at least ten years. However, you can register your company on the citizen of the country using foreign capital, and this opens some ways to the residence permit.

Marriage is also an option to obtain a residence permit, but here we must meet certain conditions: the marriage is registered in three years before applying for a residence permit, and the spouse must live here at for least for 12 years.

The last method for obtaining a residence permit is study in Liechtenstein. After graduation from the University the student may be offered a job by occupation (and a residence permit), but for this he once again, will have to confirm his professional level, that is, his indispensability. University of Liechtenstein mainly provides education in the following specialties: finance and economics, architecture, computer science.


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