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Montenegro, which will soon become a member of the EU, offers very loyal conditions to the foreigners for obtaining residence permits and registration of permanent residence in this country is possible after five years of permanent residence. Citizenship can be obtained after another five years (or three, provided the marriage with a citizen of the country). That is why those who want to reside in the EU in the long term, choose Montenegro to start. So how can you draw-up a residence permit in Montenegro?

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It has to be said that Montenegro is quite attractive country for immigration: this is a country with liberal tax policy and sufficiently democratic prices for goods. In addition, Montenegro is an Orthodox country, and you do not need to obtain a visa for entry into its territory, and if you need it, it can be obtained almost without problems.

Residence permit in Montenegro: How to draw it up?

Residence permit in Montenegro is drawn-up for one year, and then it should be regularly renewed (before getting a permanent residence). A residence permit may get those who:

  1.    Is registered as an individual entrepreneur or opens his own company in Montenegro (with registration of a legal entity). In this case a permanent residence is immediately available to the applicant and his family can join him. There are no special requirements for businesses registered in Montenegro by foreigners. The only thing the entrepreneurs are required to do - to open a bank account, to buy insurance and to pay taxes regularly.
  2.    Have entered into work contract with Montenegrin company (including the one to perform seasonal work). Unemployment in Montenegro is quite high, but qualified foreign specialists are still needed there. Under the law, the foreigners are hired provided that in thirty days from the date of the vacancy, a specialist Montenegrins has not been found. In this case, the foreigner must only undergo a medical examination, and other documents for residence permit are prepared by the employer.
  3.    Come to Montenegro for a family reunification (it's real in case of the marriage with a citizen of Montenegro, or the spouse who is a foreigner too, arrived in the country earlier and has already received a permanent residence). Under this program, only the next of kin can come, the law spouses and children (including illegitimate) as such. At the same time adopted children are equated with native.
  4.    Go to the University, refresher courses or will participate in the scientific program. Those who belong to the category of students will have to file documents confirming enrollment to Montenegrin Universities, participation in scientific research or exchange programs to migration service.
  5. However, the availability of property in the territory of Montenegro does not give the right to a residence permit, but may be an additional advantage. So that applicants who have in their own house or apartment in the country will have to additionally be registered as the individual entrepreneurs, get a job at a local company or go to the University.

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If you have decided to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro, you can not avoid certain costs and drawing-up of a set of documents. We will help you find the optimal immigration program, by finding the most suitable solution for you, and prepare all the necessary documents.

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